Friday, June 5, 2009

People's Park in the Sky

Well, officially, this would be my very first post. Quite excited here.... I just want to share our experience when we went to Tagaytay on my birthday. Not really on that very same date but it's somewhat a celebration given to me by my Von. We were with our high school BFFs by the way.

From the greater Manila, it is only a one and a half hour travel. But due to the constructions on the road, it took us like 2 and a half hours
before we got there. It was raining pretty hard at that time but no big deal.

We first went to the famous Palace in the Sky which was built by Marcos in the 70's. It was not my first time though. I have been there when I was still in high school. I really can't recall how it looks like but I do remember that you can almost see everything when you get to the top. We parked our car and paid the entrance fee of I think P20.00. We don't want to climb our way up so we rode the jeepney waiting for passengers who don't feel like walking. Fare is P5.00 only.

I thought this place have been remodeled or renovated already but unfortunately, all I can see is ... Ruins.... My friends and I think that this would be a very nice and wonderful attraction for foreigners and for us Filipinos but it is just very disappointing coz our very own Department of Tourism doesn't mind this promising place. There is a garden with bridge, some cottages where families and friends can eat but that's it.

As for the rest of the place, you could compare it to an abandoned building that's really rusty and moldy. We stayed there for almost an hour, took photos, did some sightseeing and went immediately to Picnic Grove that is just a 10 minute drive from the Palace in the Sky.

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