Friday, June 5, 2009

Sonya's Garden

We're starving to death already so after visiting Palace in the Sky and Picnic Grove, we started looking for a restaurant where we could eat. Our top choices were Josephine, Antonio's, Bag of Beans and Sonya's Garden. We have voted Sonya's Garden as we have read very great reviews regarding this restaurant.

It took us 30 to 45 minutes to find the place. It's quite a ride but we're excited as we don't know what to expect aside from the fact that we're very hungry already.

It's our first time. Upon arrival, we were guided by this woman in white uniform and blue pants. She was courteous and even put up an umbrella for us coz it's raining hard. She led us to this loft-type antique house. It's like, you're attending a wedding reception because the drapes, chairs, table sheets and curtains were all white. It is sooo perfect for lunch or dinner dates. A very sweet and romantic place for couples.

After a few minutes, another woman put down this bowl of vegetable salad with a variety of dressings. We don't have an idea on how it works so we have decided to ask. And so, it's a sit down style resto. Meals will be served one by one. We first had their Green Salad which was followed by the their freshly baked whole wheat sesame bread with an array of homemade dips and toppings: basil pesto, white cheese, anchovies, bruschetta tomato toppings, mushroom pate, black olive tapinade and fresh green peppercorn in olive oil. The bread has an exquisite taste. We then had our pasta which I topped with their chicken cream.

We of course enjoyed their chocolate cake and banana rolls. I like these two desserts more than the glazed sweet potato. The tarragon tea matches the dessert as it neutralizes everything. You should try this fine dining bed and breakfast restaurant. I am not really a vegetable lover but I truly appreciate this place. =)

** Vegetable Salad with freshly harvested lettuce and arugula topped with mango, broad beans, eggs, cucumber, jackfruit, pineapple, edible flowers in season, etc., drizzled with Sonya’s Secret Dressing or Balsamic Vinegar/extra virgin olive oil.**

** Pasta with two kinds of sauces and toppings: sun dried tomato and chicken cream with mango. Topped with ratatouille, salmon belly, shitake mushrooms, black olives, capers and grated parmesan cheese, pepperoncini**

** Glazed sweet potato and banana rolls with sesame & jackfruit**

** Chocolate cake from Sonya's Garden Panaderia with Tarragon Tea**

We would definitely recommend Sonya's Garden. If you're interested, you may check their website:


Barangay Buck Estate,
Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines
(near the vicinity of Tagaytay City, Philippines)
For reservations: call or text +63-9175329097 or +63-9175335140
Email us at:

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